The "Tiny House" craze has come about because house buyers do not want to be tied to a huge mortgage. They are willing to sacrifice living space because they want to spend their money on other things.

The tiny house movement has produced some very innovative designs, largely based on clever but very expensive cabinet configurations with beds coming out of walls etc. These spaces are usually about 300 square feet and cost about $50,000.

The first phase approach represented here is a hybrid, employing spaces totaling approximately 660 square feet that does not force living space into a multi-use, "gadget sharing", but compromising use experience. It could function as a "downsizing home" or a "starter home" with the planned ability to expand into a full sized home in the future. It is like a 2 story, one bedroom condominium type space with full sized, fully equipped spaces costing approximately $80,000.

The average sized house today is less than 2,000 square feet. This example is 1/3 that size that easily expands into 1,400 square feet with an additional 100 square feet of storage space that includes 2 bedrooms, a great room and a bath/laundry space. The reason it is substantially less than 2,000 square feet is because of the economy in design imposed by this approach.

Here is a list of amenities included in the first phase construction:

  1. A fully equipped kitchen
  2. A great, two story, living room with vaulted ceiling and fire place
  3. A fully equipped bath/laundry and powder room
  4. A full sized bedroom with vaulted ceiling
  5. A home office space with vaulted ceiling

These costs are not extravagant because they are based on normal house construction methodologies and not exotic cabinetwork.

Construction drawings are available upon request.