Eric B.

We purchased a 150-year-old farmhouse about 15 years ago. We engaged James Pappas to help us with an extensive renovation primarily because the structural integrity of the house and attached barn was suspect. Jim's initial advice was to tear down the entire house and start anew, but we couldn't afford to live off site and a tear down would have led to zoning issues. With Jim's guidance we developed a multi stage master plan to address our needs and our budget. At all stages, Jim listened to our needs and responded with brilliant creative solutions that surpassed our expectations. In stage one, we demolished the attached barn, which was rotted beyond repair, and the kitchen, which was originally built over an un-insulated patio slab. We replaced the barn and kitchen with a modern, spacious and light-filled addition that includes a kitchen, family room, music and art studios, master bedroom (with a private balcony), master bath, and a large deck off of the kitchen. We are foodies who tend to socialize in the kitchen while preparing food, so Jim placed a strong emphasis on creating a kitchen that was highly functional but also warm and inviting. Our guests LOVE congregating in our kitchen. Jim designed the addition around a central hearth, which contains two gas fireplaces (bedroom and kitchen) and on wood fireplace (family room). Jim used the north-facing slope to create natural heating and cooling situations that save us lots of money. He employed a hydronic radiant heating system that is especially efficient in the areas with high ceilings. The sight lines from all rooms allow us to enjoy the natural beauty of the woods and gardens behind our house. Finally, with our encouragement, Jim embellished the new structure with original artwork that is essentially part of the house design. In stage two, we focused on integrating the old and new parts of the house. The original house had little detail or charm, so we weren't too concerned about historical integrity. Jim gave us plan to open up some of the walls and ceilings in the boxy old structure, allowing occupants to sense the whole structure, old and new, from many places. Light now flows through the formerly dark rooms. Jim created a plan for beams and trim that was both contemporary and warm, while integrating the old and new spaces beautifully. Stage three (not yet completed) will include a new front entrance, as well as some landscape design. When completed, this stage will tie the exterior parts of the house into a logical and beautiful structure in which the old and new blend seamlessly. We required Jim to stay with the original clapboard exterior of the old house. He created a pattern of clapboard and trim that feels contemporary but references the style of home that has been here for two centuries or more. James isn't just an architect; he is a teacher who has given us immeasurable experience and education. During our multiyear journey with Jim he has guided us through the construction details, as we did most of the work ourselves. We have learned to trust Jim's vision. In turn, he has listened to us carefully and designed spaces that reflect how we live as a family.

Ron P.

I truly did enjoy my experience with this group. They have some great ideas, and are as hands on as you want or need them to be.

Jim O.

Pappas Architects did the design on my burnt down tavern. I did not like a lot of the ideas (changing some major floor plans) but went with them and found they were the way to go. I am completely happy and so happy I went with the ideas that they conjured up. I also had the color sceme done by them another success! All in all I would definitely tell anyone they should go with Pappas Architects.